It is hard to imagine what our lives would be like without the Civil Engineer. Civil Engineers have contributed more to the health, safety and welfare of the general public than any other profession. Our engineers have extensive experience in many disciplines within the Civil Engineering field and are dedicated to working for the good of the public. Our staff has a strong background in technical analysis and is capable of dealing with a wide range of engineering needs, including water and wastewater design, traffic safety, storm water management, structural inspections and design, and construction phase services.


Site design is an essential part of any development. Site Planning and Engineering encompasses two major fields of work; Site Design and Subdivision Design. Commercial, Educational, and Industrial site plans involve design of all improvements necessary to a site for construction of an individual site or campus, Industrial Park, or facility for private or public use. Subdivision Design encompasses the work required to create individual building lots and the design necessary for all streets, utilities and other services or facilities required by governing agencies in order to build on each lot. Subdivision Design can be for residential purposes as well as for commercial purposes.


Our firm provides numerous structural services for a wide range of clients, including architects, contractors, builders, homeowners, realtors, insurance companies, institutions, and commercial entities.


SEI utilizes state of the art surveying equipment and computer technology to provide a wide spectrum of survey services. Our survey crew is equipped with the latest conventional survey equipment including total stations (electronic theodolites) and data collectors to obtain field data for downloading directly to office computers. This equipment is also used to obtain information from electronic design files to upload to the total stations for use in construction stakeout, thereby making the stakeout surveys more accurate and able to meet the time demands of contractors on tight construction schedules. SEI develops a strategy and establishes synergy with their engineering discipline that provides the client with the most efficient, acceptable and cost-effective means for completing the project.